Rоulette is probably the most famous cаsino gаme. The prototypes of modern roulette appeared in gaming establishments in France and Germany already in the 17th century. In its modern form, roulette appeared for the first time in the Monte Carlo casino. The popularity of roulette is explained as well by the simplicity of the game, as well as the various possible betting options and their combination. Sometimes there are amazing combinations. In 1959, the number 10 in the San Juan’s casino fell 6 times in a row. You can win quickly, and you can quickly lose. Now you can play roulette online on the Internet without any problems. RouletteThere are many different systems and ways to play roulette. Some players make the whole field in the hope of winning several chips, others put on one number and wait patiently for it to fall. If it falls out the whole amount again, they bet on this number. In this case, the initial rate will increase 1296 times. Playing roulette on the Internet is no longer a problem – almost all online casinos offer roulette among their games. Use the review to choose a reliable and proven casino for playing roulette.
The game of roulette is the actual roulette wheel on which the ball and the game table are thrown on which bets are made. On the wheel there are cells with numbers from 1 to 36 placed randomly on a black and red background, as well as the symbol 0 (Zero). In American roulette on the wheel there are 2 zero – 0, 00. After a throw, the ball falls into one of the cells, which is the winning number. Players place bets on any number, group of numbers or color. In case of coincidence of the drawn number with the number, payment is made. In the online casino, the computer makes a drop-out on roulette using a random number generator. There are several casinos where the game takes place on a real gaming table, and players can play in real time. There are three main options for European, French and American roulette. The main difference between American roulette is that there are two symbols 0 and 00 on the game wheel with the same payouts. This increases the percentage of casino winnings. We first consider the basic version (European Rоulette), and below we describe the differences.