Flaws in player psychology and slot machines

What makes slot machines so attractive in the eyes of the average player? Maybe large jackpots formed by accumulative funds? Or is it possible to choose the size of the bet, regardless of the opponents’ appetites, as it happens at the poker table? In any case, a number of factors contributed to the success of slots in the global gambling market. Of course, it was the democratic nature of this game that made it possible to make its fans representatives of various social groups and residents of different continents. But doesn’t all this lead to the fact that slot machines become entertainment for everyone, turning not only into a universal method of spending leisure time, but also into a universal method of losing money in casinos and other gambling establishments?
It’s simpler than simple to blame for all the “greedy” operators of the gambling business, but no one pulls the players by the arms and legs to the places where slot machines are installed. The same site does not conduct an aggressive advertising campaign, as many people themselves remember about the slot machines and willingly play on the Internet. In fact, the problem with frequent losses, which especially gambling gamers complain about, most of them have a reason in the people themselves who cannot control themselves. And this is not just an excuse for those who are trying to whitewash the casino, it is the conclusion of psychologists who in recent years have been investigating the behavior of gamers and just people who love gambling.
A common mistake among gamblers is the so-called “player error”. It is expressed in an effort to draw conclusions from a series of unrelated results. For example, the rotation of the reels of a slot machine is absolutely random and does not affect each other, however, the user unreasonably tries to notice some pattern in them. The result is rash betting. However, the “player’s mistake” is not so terrible, because it may not play a role if the person simply puts on “mood”. It is much worse that those visitors to gambling establishments who win large amounts of money cannot simply take it and leave with a prize. They often turn on some kind of “increased greed mode”, they become convinced that now they can start betting more, since they are so lucky. As a result, the money won goes down to bets, only larger ones. Of course, not everyone is lucky again. Remember that the advice to stop in time when playing slot machines is not nonsense, but the result of many years of experience of gambling gamers.